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It’s time for a change!

Packages & Bundles

360° life booster

1 year of tailored coaching

Define your ultimate goals, find your purpose and passions, assess your potentials and resources, gain new ones, get rid of past events, fears and blocks, become what you always wanted to be in all areas of your life.
Get guided, advised and supported in the development of your dreams. They did it, we did it, you can do it!
Benefit from a complete set of mindset, organisational, technology, entrepreneurship, marketing and health tools.

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Dream Catcher

3 months #1 goal focused

Skyrocket a project, an important life change, a dream in 90 days.

Career & Life planning

Post-event Life or Career Rebounce

All the tools and proven strategies to get back on track after an illness, career break, parental term or personal project.
Learn and action methods and strategies for short term income while defining, planning and moving towards your long term goals.

5 sessions – 450€

Get to the top – Executive highway

Obliterate obstacles that prevent you from becoming a successful leader.
After identifying and breaking barriers, you will be trained on learning, leadership and organizational techniques as well as living habits to positively influence your team and environment, and achieve extraordinary career results.

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Young adult & Teenager focus

At these ages their brain is totally reorganizing and their minds are definitively elsewhere.
It is still very effective for their studies and daily life to give them tools to find concrete purpose and passion, focus on what matters, and become aware of long term plans and goals, mainly at a time where information, diversions and marketing manipulation are everywhere.

2 sessions – 180€

Career booster, my way

Looking for a boost in your career, be passionate about your work, achieve better work-life balance?
Get guided on these, becoming highly efficient and shape the different aspects of your life for extraordinary results. Guaranteed!

3 sessions – 270€

My retirement, full-on!

Retirement is a big life change that can be disruptive for the individual and the relatives.
Changes to daily habits, big expectations, limited or unfocused actions often create frustrations and conflicts.

Learn how to anticipate and plan these changes while getting ready to make the most out of your retirement… on the long term!

3 sessions + 1 couple session – €490

Parenting & Relationships

Future parents & young child

What to do when my baby is crying? How do I develop my mother/fatherhood? Am I ready? Am I a good parent? What about the 2, 3 or more of us?
Get ready for the challenges of becoming parents, raising up children while building up a family and life-long couple.

1.5h – 90€


Either you need to solve a particular situation or want to learn how to properly raise and support your child in his/her current phase of development, this session provides you with all the parenting knowledge, tips and technics adapted to your situation and the age of your child.

2h – 180€

From single to partner magnet

What does it takes to find the right partner? Do I need one? What about a family? How do I attract the right partner? And what is “right” for me?

Over 3 sessions, discover what’s right for you, define your ideal partner, find out what to develop to attract him/her, and get support to put the plan in action.

3x sessions – 290€

Couple emergency

The hatred or frustration is too high, it’s more than time for a change! But is it the right choice, for us, for me, for my partner?

In a single emergency session, untangle the main roots of discordance, build a bridge of peace, and start on clear and fresh tracks to figure out the best options on short, middle and long term.

3h – 390€

When children have left

This is the time with the highest pick of divorces. Around 50, when the children have (started) their own path, parents become a full-time couple again. No diversion, no excuse, just us, face to face. But what remains? Common interests, passion, couple projects, or just habits, blames, and hatred?

This time, preferably with anticipation, is a great opportunity to redefine and share personal and couple life objectives, understand and support each others interests and differences, build a strong and passionate partnership, with the next big step on target : retirement.

The perfect package to rewire and plan this 2nd part of life, still with passion!

 2x indiv. sessions + 3 couple sessions – 490€


The Benefits of Life Growth

Life doesn’t have to be difficult. Learning how to get rid of negative habits, make positive changes, grow certain areas, to fill the gap between present state and the extraordinary life you want.
We will help you to leave the demons of the past and create the positive changes needed to make a big impact on many aspects of your life that also benefits your relatives.

Our life changing methods are efficient, accessible to all, backed up by science and medication free.

Addictions & Unhealthy Habits

Different life path experiences and environments leaded to consume addictive products and services that are no more adequate to the desired lifestyle, affecting the direct environment. With or without figuring out the origin, you will be guided to find leverages and healthy alternatives to quit the addictive item and regain total freedom, life balance and long term happiness with yourself and your relatives.

Quit Smoking

Stop Drinking

Quit alcohol dependency

Find Weight balance

Reason Screens & Video games

Quit Gambling Addiction

Stop Drugs

Find Financial balance

Stop over-the-edge experiences

Fears, Phobias & Sicknesses

Once upon a time, a new experience combined with a negative feeling left an unwanted neuroconnection in the minds for potential survival. It got reinforced by a few event repetitions until it became irrelevant in the current context, preventing to fully enjoy and share the present moments with relatives.
Say STOP now, and take the simple steps to regain total control of your freedom to act on purpose as you decide.

Fear of Spiders & Insects

Fear of Snakes & Animals

Fear of Heights

Fear of Public Speaking & Social Phobias

Sea Sickness

Car Sickness

Fear of Flying

Others Anxieties

Health & Energy


Focus & Energy Booster

Nurture and direct your minds for the best performances and achievements.

Weight Balance


Mind & Body Care

Find the nutrition that feeds your minds, your body, your joy, and your life goals!

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